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Question about movie mode/surround volume

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  • Question about movie mode/surround volume

    Hi guys!
    this is my first post in the forum and i'm here to ask about movie mode. i feel it adds some umph to the center and bass but notice it makes the surrounds sound dampened/muffled/quieter etc. has anyone else noticed this and if so, is there any fix for it? i feel if the surround volume were the same as usual in movie mode for me, this would be the perfect setting to use.

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    Heya! You might wanna try adjust the volume of your surround speakers using the SS/SB buttons on your remote control and saving the audio settings to system memory so they can be easily access the next round. Hope that helps for you!


    • nru826
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      Hi! i appreciate the response! i checked the surround volume and it is at the max level...should add that i've now noticed it only seems to happen when in movie mode on content with a 7.1 atmos soundtrack. regular 5.1 DD+ and others appear not to have that happen

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    I experience a similar thing when having the system on Movie mode when I first bought it. I highly recommend just pressing the DSP OFF button because the system sounds better without using the pre-made equalizers. For me at least.