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  • Shout Out to the Ninjas

    Just wanted to praise the Ninja crew for their quick turnaround in getting me some replacement speakers for my 9.2.4 Shockwafe system. My left surround speakers which I have mounted on a stand recently took an unfortunate tumble and hit the floor of my man cave pretty hard, resulting in some sort of internal damage which manifested itself as scratchy noise on background music while watching streaming shows. I ordered 2 refurbished replacement speakers for a very reasonable $138 which included 2 day priority mail. I received the speakers today and the refurbs both look and sound as good as new. Really appreciate the outstanding service which is all too rare these days! 😀

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    Glad to be of service! Again, sorry to hear your speakers took such a nasty spill. Good to hear the speakers you purchased made it safely over to you. I made sure to pick the best speakers I could find on our refurbishing rack.

    Head Ninja