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Clarity missing.. shockwave 9.2.4 sse

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  • Clarity missing.. shockwave 9.2.4 sse

    Well we have the first variant and for sure there will be weaknesses. The naka shockwave lacks hi freq sound... is it true the center speaker does not have tweeters??!! That is missing! The high end sweetness of tweeters... after a large improvement in sound after the 35 firmware upgrade... I enjoyed the all sound of stereo with spotify on bluetooth.... later i move to my small Harmankardon bluetooth speaker and immediately I notice how clear and alive the sound of the Harman is compared to the naka...why???!!! Is there still a way to put some crispiness in the sound with firmware but not by sacrificing too much mid that it becomes irritating to listen to... BALANCE is key.... just constructive criticisms... I have this system and I hope we can improve it even more because i know it still has potential... I dont want to think the hardware is at its limit already....

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    I use a 7.2.4 SSE. Found a little way to get more crispness. You can try going to settings, and turn up RSURR and LSURR to +2 or +3. Then lower the surround back (SB). The front tweeters seem to go a little louder, which makes all the difference to me. Personally my center speaker is only at CR04 so the entire soundstage sounds more cohesive. My TR is at 7 or 8 depending on content. I use Movie EQ. Game EQ is a little more crisp.


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      Thanks for the suggetions... will give it a try.. let you know if I also find the missing notes....