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    Recently I have discontinued my Xfinity cable TV subscription and upped my internet to Gigabyte speeds so I can solely watch content via apps such as Peacock, Pluto and Prime. Since the switch I noticed that my current Hisense TV is a bit outdated and some of these apps are not functioning properly and I am unable to upgrade them. Because of this I am now forced mainly to stream via my PS4 and my experience appears to be sub par. My PS4 appears to be outdated as well, its download speeds are slow, and navigating via the controller is cumbersome. It doesn't seem like the content that the PS4 produces is the best in sound quality and much of what I watch is not in surround.

    My question is what should I be looking for in a TV that would pair up well with my Nakamichi 7.2 Elite. I liked my Hisense TV and it served me well and I am considering another to replace it. I am considering the Hisense 65U7G mainly because it has the Dolby Atmos as well as IMax Enhanced audio features.

    I guess my goal is to try to get the best TV viewing experience from both my TV as well as my Nakamichi 7.2 Elite. The last thing I want to do is purchase a new TV and find out that it comes up short.

    Any direction would be great thank you.
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    Generally if you are going for recent TV's from big brands (Samsung/Sony/LG), they should be very stable and well tested. I shouldn't think it'll cause any issues with the shockwafe. From a TV's perspective, I'd think going with one that has good color (e.g. local dimming) and 4K120hz will be really juicy!

    Perhaps see Sony's X85/90/95J series. The J series are 2021 models. The X95J has 4K120Hz, great colour and IMAX enhanced experience. Since sony will have 2022 models, i'm guessing their pricing should be more attractive now that they may be looking to clear some space


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      Thank you, but you seem to have given me information in reference to video. Im looking for information regarding audio specifications! Hisense is a big company, they are Sharp and Toshiba and are in the top 5 major manufacturers. They are a great value TV.