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best stands to use with nakachimi 9.2.4

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  • best stands to use with nakachimi 9.2.4

    Hi can you please tell me if sanus htb3 stands will mount the nakachimi 9.2.4 surrounds to them is the stands compatible for the rear speakers thanks

    i want to setup my system in the hybrid elevation setup are the stands compatible for both placing the rears mounted upwards on the side
    and placing the rear surrounds vertical going down thanks

    if the stands are not compatible can you give me a full list of stands that will work in the hybrid elevation setup thanks marcus please let me no asap

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    Here is a list of speaker stand recommendations that you can refer to:

    Hope this helps!


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      I’m looking for speaker stand that can work in a Dipole 1 Configuration. Any recommendations other than the Help Desk ones. The stand recommend on the help desk seems too present issues as the surround speakers attach in the back and don’t have mounting hardware underneath. Help Desk recommends:
      SANUS SF34-B1 Steel Foundation IV 34" Speaker Stands reads

      "5) Many manfucturers are providing threaded inserts on the bottom of their speakers for the Foundation MountTM system. This

      system allows you to bolt your speaker to the top plate using 5/8" speaker bolts provided."

      So how would I attach the speakers to the stand? Or would I attach the speakers to each other as in "Dipole 1 Quad Modular Speakers Attached" in on the Nakamichi website and just let them rest on the Sanus stand? Letting them rest on the stands without attaching them securely is not an option in California where earthquakes occur.

      Also is there a Stand where I could mount two speakers on one stand in a Hybrid Elevation 1 configuration depicted on the Nakamichi website?

      In my version of a Hybrid Elevation 1 where one speaker is on top of the other on a single stand I would place the sub woofers at the base of the stands.

      I’m considering the Shockwafe Ultra but really would like to see how I could minimize the number of stands around my living room. Any suggestions on stands?