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Are the subs blown?

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  • Are the subs blown?

    On occasion my subs sound blown like there's a book being closed. It doesn't happen all the time just occasionally with the same movirs or sound
    please help

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    Hi CLund, since the subs sound blown occasionally with the same movie content, what you're likely facing is wireless interference. Our soundbars use the industry standard 5.8Ghz wireless frequency to communicate wirelessly with the subwoofers (and its connected surround speakers). However, this wireless frequency may also be utilized by your home's internet/wireless router, which can cause the symptoms you are describing.

    I would recommend following the following guides to optimize the wireless frequencies used by your soundbar and home router.
    For 7.1/7.2/9.2 eARC: https://www.helpdesk.nakamichi-usa.c...-on-subwoofers

    For 7.1/7.2/9.2 SSE: https://www.helpdesk.nakamichi-usa.c...-on-subwoofers

    Hope this helps! Please feel free to email [email protected]‚Äč or reach out to me if you require further assistance. Thank you!
    Nakamichi Ninja - For support and direct contact options, visit our Helpdesk. Thank you!


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      Thanks so very much