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  • Upgrade to Dual Subs

    I have a Pro 7.1 SSE soundbar that has the single sub. I wanted to know if I could pair the duals subs from the Elite 7.2 SSE to my current soundbar (obviously leaving the original single sub unpaired)? Anyone know or has done this already?

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    From what I've researched the Pro can't transmit the individual surround channels to different subwoofers, it can only send both surrounds to a single sub. It's possible you may be able to pair two 7.1 subwoofers with the same bar, but there is a possibility of the subwoofers unpairing with the soundbar as the pro isn't designed to be paired to more than one sub. Keep in mind all subwoofer/ soundbar output is tuned for it's own form factor, so adding more subwoofers could potentially drown out your other channels. These are compensated in the amplitudes and channel mapping for each model, which is why we always tell people if you want to upgrade you'll need the whole system.


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      Thank you for the detailed reply and explanation.