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Upmix for Non-Atmos or Non-DTS:X contents

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  • Upmix for Non-Atmos or Non-DTS:X contents

    Quick question team,

    Dolby Surr or Upmix setting, how should we use it? As I understand this correctly, Surr support height and Upmix does not. So if I have a movie track in Dolby TrueHD 5.1 and I choose Dolby Surr with SSE3. Does this mean it will upmix and use all 7 channels( with height ), like mimicking Atmos? I have the Naka 7.2.4 system. I usually use Native setting for non-Atmos content.

    Also, same with DTS-HD MA 5.1 content. If I select Nueral X, does it upmix and use height channels( mimicking DTS:X )?

    Thank you for any advices.

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    Yes, that sounds correct. DOLBY SURR (for Dolby contents) and NEURAL:X (for DTS content) upmix audio content to all audio channels with added vertical surround effects. They are the recommended default settings for best surround.