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No sub. I can't get the sub to work for anything but the demo

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  • No sub. I can't get the sub to work for anything but the demo

    Nvidia Shield Pro. It started to be testy about a month ago, now I'm fed up with having to jump through hoops to get the sub ad rear speakers to work. The demo works fine but it wont sync to any audio stream. Any advice? D freq turned on.

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    You might wanna try a hdmi connection refresh:

    Soundbar & TV Hard Reset + HDMI Connection Refresh:
    1. While all source devices are on, disconnect all HDMI cables connected to TV and soundbar as well as TV to soundbar
    2. Power OFF TV, soundbar and all source devices
    3. Unplug all devices from the AC outlets
    4. Wait for 5 minutes before plugging the TV, soundbar and source devices back to the AC outlets
    5. Power ON the soundbar, TV and all source devices
    6. While they are on, connect the TV and soundbar via HDMI ARC. Once the connection is established, connect the source devices one at a time.
    Naka has also a plug and play tool that shows the best settings for your connection devices, i would recommend you follow that after the steps above: https://www.helpdesk.nakamichi-usa.c...-matching-tool