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Reason for PS5 recommended connection to TV instead of Soundbar w/ PNP Matching Tool?

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  • Reason for PS5 recommended connection to TV instead of Soundbar w/ PNP Matching Tool?

    I just got a new LG TV with eARC and am setting up my Nakamichi 7.1.4 System with it. I've gone through the plug and play matching tool numerous times, inputting my devices and finding the best setup, however each time I run it, it always tells me to plug in my PS5 to the TV instead of directly to the soundbar (see below).
    Plug & Play Matching Tool Output

    I can't find any reason or explanation as to why it should be directly plugged in to the Television in the Matching Tool, or on any other posts on this forum. Can someone explain why I should plug the PS5 in, directly? Is it something to do with the fact that the soundbar won't process a certain kind of video profile or resolution, but the TV will? Is it because the tool wants me to keep a port open for future expansion on the Soundbar inputs, and the PS5 is capable of using eARC to transmit to the soundbar? Is it because no one on the Nakamichi Staff has entered in that device as a viable one in the tool, so it is defaulting to use a TV port?

    I just would like some clarity and transparency as to why the Tool recommends bypassing the soundbar (physically) for the PS5. I feel like that's some info that you should include in the tool, just so that people who don't explore the Technical Specifications sections of the paper manuals will know why you're making that recommendation.

    If anyone could help shed some light on the tool's reasoning, I'd appreciate it.


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    From what i know, the PS5 allows a resolution of 4k 120Hz whereas most soundbars allows for up to 4k60Hz passthrough. This is probably why they recommended a direct connection to the TV – your new LG TV can probably output the best display for your gaming, especially if your TV is a higher end model (with 120hz refresh rate). Dolby Atmos is then passthrough via eARC to the soundbar.