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  • Speaker stands question

    I own Nakamichi 7.2 and I am confused about which speaker stand to buy.

    I have checked out the recommendations page, but unfortunately, the Atlantic Adjustable Satellite Speaker Stands PN 77305018 ( has a delivery time to my location (outside USA) by mid-Jan 2023.

    My other shortlisted ones include:
    1. Mounting Dream Speaker Stands MD5401 ( but I am not able to decipher if the speaker cable will be able to pass through the holes (refer to the attached photo)​. Mounting dreams tells me the cable hole dimensions are 0.2 in width and 0.3 in height. Anyone using these that can help me?

    2. PERLESMITH Speaker Stands ( but in this there isn't a base support plate. So the speakers will be 'hanging' off the bracket (refer to the attached photo)

    Is there a stand which will allow me to install the satellite speakers for full elevation mode (as described in the user manual page 9)?​ I attach a photo for reference.
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    Hey nishant.gandhi

    You might wanna consider the PERLESMITH Speakers Stands, saw a customer review with pictures of how they installed their speakers in full elevation here:
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      Thanks gunicorn. Indeed, PERLESMITH Speaker Stands was in my original shortlist (see above) but because it doesnt have a 'base support plate' so I was hesitant. I dont want the speakers to 'hanging off' in air secured only by the screws.

      Shoutout to Nakamichi Ninjas, esp. Sean who was very helpful over emails and gave me personalized recommendation based on hiw own setup, their demo room and other products that they have seen in action.

      Mounting Dreams has a much wider variety, albeit at a price! I finally decided to go with Atlantic and paid a little extra for expediated shipping.

      The Atlantic stands also provide for full elevation mode mounting and have a wide cast iron base plate to support the speaker. Will report more once I receive and assemble the stands.​