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Shockwafe 7.1.4 SSE. No sound from Soundbar.

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  • Shockwafe 7.1.4 SSE. No sound from Soundbar.

    Hello All,
    Just bought the Nakamichi Shockwafe 7.1.4 about 2 weeks ago. Loving the system for my room size!
    ​​​​​​But since last week unfortunately I have been having an issue that is making the system unusable.

    In the middle of watching content, the soundbar stops emitting sound. I have FW35 and set direct frequency so the connection to the sub and rear surrounds is very stable. Only the soundbar stops emitting sound. The sub and rear surrounds don't break connection. This results in a very muddy overall sound. At first i thought it was some issue with HDMI ARC so I tried multiple cables and TV's. Still observed the same issue. I finally switched to Bluetooth. I still observe the exact same issue.

    The sound comes back on from the soundbar after a few minutes but goes off again in a few seconds. This keeps happening.

    Please let me know if anyone else faced similar issues and what can be done to fix it.

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    Hi ODophile​, could you try the following?

    1. Perform a Soundbar Soft Reset + Hard Connection Refresh. This will clear any HDMI Handshake errors between your soundbar and TV, which might resolve this.

    2. Our helpdesk also features recommended audio settings for most TV brands. Do see if your TV is on the list and apply these settings

    I will be dropping you a PM as well. Should these steps not resolve the issues you are facing, do revert to me with your details - I'll let our ninja specialists know so they can assist you further
    Nakamichi Ninja - For support and direct contact options, visit our Helpdesk. Thank you!