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  • Sound drop out

    There are several issue I have on my Shockwafe 9.2 system. The first is a delay before audio starts which can cause me to miss the initial portions of the dialog. From what I have read this is normal. Next is sound dropout. I will be watching Youtube or the news and suddenly the sound will stop for a second and them come back. The result is that you miss about one sentence of speech. The screen will also sometimes go black and then come back but not that often so I'm not sure if it is the source material or not. Every now and then the sound will go away but when it comes back it is at reduced volume and sounds hollow or distant. Power cycling the sound bar will fix it. Changing sources will do the same. I can change the source and then come back and all is well. Finally the Roku Ultra, after playing for awhile, will develop badly distorted sound. The Apple TV doesn't do this.

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    Might be worth checking if you are using HDMI 2.0 Certified cables. Lower spec cables can introduce audio dropout issues as they can't handle the video/audio data transmission well. How is your entire system connected? Is the roku ultra/apple box connected to the soundbar or TV?


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      What devices do you have in your setup and how is everything connected? Could be a connections issue or even a HDMI issue based on what WavyTroyz is saying.


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        The delay before sound starting is normal for some devices. The sound bar mutes itself until it can identify the audio stream to prevent garbage from being delivered to the amplifiers. My Roku Ultra 4800BR stays mute for 3-5 seconds on my 2019 7.2 SSE, but my Nvidia Shield Pro does not. The Nvidia audio starts instantly. I think this is more a Roku issue.

        You should definitely not be getting audio and video drop outs mid stream. That is probably a cable or (less likely) an EDID issue. Get yourself a certified HDMI2.0 cable. You need to replace the HDMI ARC cable and the one between the offending streaming device and the soundbar. I use Tera Grand cables which you can buy on Amazon, I have six of them and they all work great, and they are only $13 each: Tera Grand - Premium High Speed HDMI Certified 2.0 Cable with Aluminum housing, Supports 4K HDR Ultra HD 18 Gbps 4K 60Hz HDCP 2.2, 6 Feet.

        Don’t exceed a 10 foot table, 6 foot is better if you can manage it. There are almost no cables in excess of 10 feet that meet the HDMI 2.0 spec unless they are active (expensive) optical cables. Linus Tech Tips LTT on YouTube did two videos in November 2021 about HDMI cables using a cable tester. Many of them don’t meet spec, even expensive ones. You might want to look up his videos.

        If new cables doesn’t work, then it’s time to do a soundbar factory (hard) reset & HDMI EDID reset. You can find complete instructions on the Shockwafe site, but if memory serves here’s the plan. To do the factory reset first disconnect all HDMI cables. Press “Setup” on the remote until Shockwafe displays “RESET”. Right arrow until “YES” is displayed then press “ENTER”. The sound bar will reset and then restart.

        Then unplug - remove power - from everything. TV, soundbar, all attached video devices. WAIT 5 FULL MINUTES. Plug in the TV, then the sound bar, then all of your devices, all of this with HDMI cables unplugged. Turn on the TV, then the soundbar. Plug-in your HDMI ARC cable between TV and Shockwafe, wait a couple seconds, and then plug in the device HDMI cables one at a time. This dance causes all of the devices to go through the EDID process wherein each device identifies its HDMI capabilities to the other devices. That, plus a decent set of cables, should solve your intermittent dropouts.

        WARNNG: if you do this you’re going to have to re-pair your subwoofer(s) and re-enter all of your soundbar pre-sets, settings, & memory. So you might try the EDID process first and if that doesn’t work do the full reset and then run the EDID process again.