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    Have had this awesome system for a couple months same as other posts chasing down interference in the form of pops and cracks even when no audio is being played.

    I have a Netgear Orbi RBR850 Wifi6 Mesh system with 2 Satellites. One satellite is approximately 12’ from the subwoofers and 20’ from the soundbar.

    After running WiFi analyzers for a while I found an unknown sporadic signal about -65db on channel 149 that I believe to be the issue. I saw in other posts D Frequency Off uses Channels 144-165 due to the soundbar using 5.725 - 5.875 GHz for subwoofer connections.

    ​​​​​​​Once I know what channels to avoid with D Frequency on, I have back door access into my Orbi and can set front haul and back haul channels manually which hopefully resolved the issue.

    Can anyone advise what the spectrum range is for D Frequency On and do I need to reset and pair the subwoofers again after the switch?


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    Hi DFrequencyWhat, Thanks for letting us know about the interference issues you are experiencing. As the actual channels used by our soundbar can change if the subwoofer is re-paired to the soundbar, we would usually recommend the following:
    • Recommended solution: If your tri-band router supports DFS channels, we recommend changing your router's WiFi Channels to 5.2Ghz for the 1st Band, and a DFS Channel for the 2nd band. This would resolve interference for all Shockwafe DTS:X/SSE Models. More instructions can be found on Resolution 1B of our guide.
    • Alternatively, if your router does not support DFS, based on your current Wi-Fi Scanning results (Subwoofer and Soundbar using channel 149), we would recommend setting your Netgear Orbi to use Channels 161 and 165 (the other end of the 5.8Ghz Spectrum). We would also recommend setting the channel width on your Netgear Orbi to 40Mhz (or 20 Mhz - if 40Mhz does not work) so that there is less chance of interference between the soundbar and router
    If the above resolutions do not resolve the issues you are facing, we may be able to assist further if you can provide us the results from your WiFi Analyzer. Just in case, I have sent you a PM which you can revert to with the image/results so that our team can assist you further. Thank you!
    Nakamichi Ninja - For support and direct contact options, visit our Helpdesk. Thank you!