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No sound from left subwoofer

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  • No sound from left subwoofer

    Hi All

    Just bought this system and set it up over the last few days and I cannot for the life of me get any sound out of the left subwoofer. Tried resetting everything and repairing and it pairs ok but no sound no matter what mode or I put. Right side works great. Am I doing something wrong or is the sub defective? Thanks

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    Hi Dtibaudo, we're sorry to hear this. Could you try the following to see if a different wireless channel helps?
    1. While Soundbar is turned on, Press SETUP on your remote once. The soundbar will display “WL-CH”
    2. Use the LEFT or RIGHT to change the frequency channel (WL-C1 - C6)**
    3. Press ENTER to save your settings (Click here for video instructions)
    In case these steps do not work, I have sent you a Private Message so our Ninja Specialists can make things right. Have a great weekend
    Nakamichi Ninja - For support and direct contact options, visit our Helpdesk. Thank you!


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      Sadly still waiting for help with this. Anyone else with ideas? $1900 sound system that half doesn’t work


      • NicholasR
        NicholasR commented
        Editing a comment
        Good day, did you get the issue resolved? I am having a similar issue with my new shockwave system. But with the right subwoofer and right surround